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Board » Django Standard Library » Admin » Inline input control id name not rendering, using autocomplete js

Hello, I'm using to use inline-admin autocomplete.

The problem occurs when I add another inline.... the id name of the input doesnt have the number of the row, it have --prefix--.instead.
I'm using the id to capture events with javascript, so I need each one to have the id with the row number.

Any idea why its doing that?

I attached a capture with the id name of each inline the 2 added show the error

the template of the widget is:
<input type="text" id="lookup_{{ name }}" value="{{ label }}" style="display:none;" />
<a href="{{ related_url }}{{ url }}" class="related-lookup" id="lookup_id_{{ name }}" onclick="return showRelatedObjectLookupPopup(this);">
<img src="/static/admin/img/selector-search.gif" width="16" height="16" alt="{% trans "Lookup" %}" />

So I think the {{name}} tag is not rendering..... as it seen on the picture attached.

relevant code from the autocomplete package

class BaseAutocompleteWidget(ForeignKeyRawIdWidget):
widget_template = None
search_path = '../foreignkey_autocomplete/'

class Media:
css = css_dict
js = js_tuple
abstract = True

def label_for_value(self, value):
key = self.rel.get_related_field().name
obj =**{key: value})
return truncate_words(obj, 14)

class InlineForeignKeySearchWidget(BaseAutocompleteWidget):
def __init__(self, rel, search_fields, attrs=None):
self.search_fields = search_fields
super(InlineForeignKeySearchWidget, self).__init__(rel, attrs)

def render(self, name, value, attrs=None):
if attrs is None:
attrs = {}
opts =
app_label = opts.app_label
model_name = opts.object_name.lower()
related_url = '../../../%s/%s/' % (app_label, model_name)
params = self.url_parameters()
if params:
url = '?' + '&amp;'.join(['%s=%s' % (k, v) for k, v in params.items()])
url = ''
if not attrs.has_key('class'):
attrs['class'] = 'vForeignKeyRawIdHiddenAdminField'
output = [forms.TextInput.render(self, name, value, attrs)]
if value:
label = self.label_for_value(value)
label = u''
context = {
'url': url,
'related_url': related_url,

'search_path': self.search_path,
'search_fields': ','.join(self.search_fields),
'model_name': model_name,
'app_label': app_label,
'label': label,
'name': name,
output.append(render_to_string(self.widget_template or (
'%s/%s/%s' % (app_label, model_name, 'inline_widget.html'),
'%s/%s' % (app_label, 'inline_widget.html'),
'admin/myautocomplete/%s' % 'inline_widget.html',
), context))
return mark_safe(u''.join(output))

class BaseAutocompleteAdminMixin(object):
related_search_fields = {}
related_string_functions = {}
related_search_filters = {}

class Meta:
abstract = True

def foreignkey_autocomplete(self, request):

def _restrict_queryset(queryset, search_fields):
for bit in search_fields.split(','):
if bit0 == '#':
key, val = bit[1:].split('=')
queryset = queryset.filter(**{key: val})
return queryset

query = request.GET.get('q', None)
app_label = request.GET.get('app_label', None)
model_name = request.GET.get('model_name', None)
search_fields = request.GET.get('search_fields', None)
object_pk = request.GET.get('object_pk', None)
to_string_function = self.related_string_functionsmodel name
except KeyError:
to_string_function = lambda x: x.__unicode__()
if search_fields and app_label and model_name and (query or object_pk):
def construct_search(field_name):
if field_name.startswith('^'):
return "%s__istartswith" % field_name[1:]
elif field_name.startswith('='):
return "%s__iexact" % field_name[1:]
elif field_name.startswith('@'):
return "%s__search" % field_name[1:]
return "%s__icontains" % field_name

model = models.get_model(app_label, model_name)
queryset = model._default_manager.all()
data = ''
if query:
for bit in query.split():
or_queries = []
for field_name in search_fields.split(','):
if field_name0 == "#":
models.Q(**{construct_search(smart_str(field_name)): smart_str(bit)}))
other_qs = QuerySet(model)
other_qs = other_qs.filter(reduce(operator.or_, or_queries))
queryset = queryset & other_qs
queryset = _restrict_queryset(queryset, search_fields)
data = ''.join([u'%s|%s\n' % (
to_string_function(f), for f in queryset])
elif object_pk:
obj = queryset.get(pk=object_pk)
data = to_string_function(obj)
return HttpResponse(data)
return HttpResponseNotFound()

def get_help_text(self, field_name, model_name):
searchable_fields = self.related_search_fields.get(field_name, None)
if searchable_fields:
help_kwargs = {
'model_name': model_name,
'field_list': get_text_list(searchable_fields, _('and')),
return _('Use the left field to do %(model_name)s lookups in the fields %(field_list)s.') % help_kwargs
return ''

class InlineAutocompleteAdmin(BaseAutocompleteAdminMixin, admin.TabularInline):
def formfield_for_dbfield(self, db_field, **kwargs):
if (isinstance(db_field, models.ForeignKey) and in self.related_search_fields):
model_name =
# help_text = self.get_help_text(, model_name)

kwargs['widget'] = InlineForeignKeySearchWidget(db_field.rel, self.related_search_fields[])
# kwargs['help_text'] = help_text
return super(InlineAutocompleteAdmin, self).formfield_for_dbfield(db_field, **kwargs)

def get_urls(self):
urls = super(InlineAutocompleteAdmin, self).get_urls()
search_url = patterns('',
(r'^foreignkey_autocomplete/$', self.admin_site.admin_view(self.foreignkey_autocomplete))
return search_url + urls

any help is welcome

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