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I've crafted my goods and now I need them on the interweb.

I keep wanting to produce something like a power-point presentation with my website. Any good code I should look for?

Certain pages read like magazine articles (lots of media), some house flash apps (non-ajax for now), and then some powerpoint-like slide progressions (ideally done with html, css, bit of Javascript, and lots of images).

Also, my workflow in-between Adobe products is becoming cumbersome as the design components continue to change. I need to deliver my media files, html, and css bundled together as Templates; this will help transitions from the Adobe side. Then I would like to plug them in dynamically as part of a *view_engine*. Maybe parse a *view_package* directory for folder names, and link those "packages" to urls. My biggest hurdle so far is the dynamic static linking. It would be great if I could do relative linking with the statics (so that dreamweaver may remain forever ignorant of django appart from a few '{{}}'. Even if I had to do file-IO and retrieve assets directly from file (databases are no good with Adobe).

Perhaps I should just make different Apps for each *view*? Anyway to do this without declaring each one in the

How many Django apps is too many? 10? 50? 400?

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