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Board » Getting Started » Setup and Configuration » Django under a shared hosting environment

Hello, I would like to inquire if Django can be run under a shared hosting evironment, specifically Apache under Linux and FreeBSD.

We don't allow the following for shared hosting accounts so I'm wondering if Django can be setup without:

-daemons/ background processes
-root access

I'm not an expert, so take this with a pince of salt.

I'm running a few sites on a server running apache2. One site is a django site and uses wsgi so it does work and it wasn't difficult to set up, as when I created my project django automatically created the file.

Now on your other questions I'm not sure what the process situation would be. When Apache2 gets a request for my django site it just fires out that request for django, a python program to service. That is a process but I assume it's a child of apache2 with apache2 ownership so user www?

Not sure that's much help but who knows. I'd try it out as it's not difficult to set it up.

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