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  • Fitting Django into an Adobe workflow
    Board » Django » Templates
    I've crafted my goods and now I need them on the interweb.

    I keep wanting to produce something like a power-point presentation with my website. Any good code I should look for?

    Certain pages read like magazine articles (lots of media), some house flash apps (non-ajax for now), and then some powerpoint-like slide progressions (ideally done with html, css, bit of Javascript, and lots of images).

    Also, my workflow in-between Adobe products is becoming cumbersome as the design components continue to change. I need to deliver my media files, html, and css bundled together as Templates; this will help transitions from the Adobe side. Then I would like to plug them in dynamically as part of a *view_engine*. Maybe parse a *view_package* directory for folder names, and link those "packages" to urls. My biggest hurdle so far is the dynamic static linking. It would be great if I could do relative linking with the statics (so that dreamweaver may remain forever ignorant of django appart from a few '{{}}'. Even if I had to do file-IO and retrieve assets directly from file (databases are no good with Adobe).

    Perhaps I should just make different Apps for each *view*? Anyway to do this without declaring each one in the

    How many Django apps is too many? 10? 50? 400?

  • Where is the best place to start hacking in Django.
    Board » Getting Started » Setup and Configuration
    I am still trying to get a grasp on all the *good form* Django provides, but it becomes overwhelming quickly.

    If I just wanted to jump in head first, and not have to deal with 50 different python files, where is the best place for *dirty code*.

    I think it would be in So at minimum, I have to define all my, but once I'm into, I can write all the nonsense I see fit, as long as it returns something resembling text.

    What kind of hacks can I pull off in

    When I think of python, I think of IPython. I need to feel a little more interactivity with Django before I commit to its ways, and I am having trouble finding good spots to do this. I would really like the idea of calling a "view" from the terminal with something like ' getview printTrace'. That would really make me feel at home, and then I can get more formal as I go.
  • Model Paradigms
    Board » Django » Models
    Im newb to Django, and in trying to lay out my project, I still havnt quite got a grasp on how to structure my models (where to put them, and where to acess them).

    I seem to struggle with the difference between the app that "owns" a model, and the apps that use the model. My *apps* are currently quite ad-hoc, and probably more like a bunch of flatfiles (I really dont even know what that means) that I have split into unnecessary modules.

    My website IS the app, and I keep wanting to have central models with apps that hook into them. I read that this is poor form...

    Is it more *proper* for the central project to hook into individual apps for model data, or to have apps that hook into the central project for model data (which does tend to be shared among several apps).

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